Frequently Asked Questions

How much is your booking fee?
We do not charge a fee to book, but we do require a deposit to reserve your space at the time of booking. This can be done with a Visa or MasterCard over the phone.

Why do we have to pay a deposit?
A deposit is to guarantee you a time and space in a laser tag game. It allows us to ensure that you have the correct number of spaces for your event, as we do put groups around the same age in with each other. Meaning that nobody has to miss out on playing a game and that you are committed to turning up for your booking. It also protects both you and us from any miscommunication or lost bookings.

Why is my deposit non-refundable 7 days prior to my booking?
As we start to fill up our booking schedule, we often end up turning away groups wanting to book their event through us. Allowing cancellations any closer to the day means we end up with un-booked space and other groups who may have wished to book end up missing out.

Why can’t I make a tentative booking?
Unfortunately the majority of ‘tentative bookings’ never end up completing the booking. This withholds the space from other groups who wished to book in and play

What clothing is needed to play?
All players must be wearing covered footwear for safety. Jandals, sandals, bare feet and high heels will not be allowed to play. Sneakers or running shoes would be best. We also have black lights in our maze so anything white will light up so your opponents will know where you are!!

Why can’t we play with just our group?
Megazone Manukau can accommodate up to 21 participants in each game. We find that mixing groups makes every Laser Tag game more exciting and challenging for the players. We do endeavour to mix groups of a similar age to ensure everybody enjoys their experience at Megazone.

If the games are 15 minutes why are the sessions 20 minutes long?
The actual playing time is 15 minutes in a game of Laser Tag. We also include the time it takes for groups to put a pack on and off, this also for players prepare the game.

Why do we have to have a 20 minute break between games?
Megazone does require a mandatory 20 minute break between games. We enforce this rule for a number of reasons:

  • It allows players a chance to freshen up and cool down by getting some fresh air and grab a drink
  • Laser Tag is a demanding physical activity. 20 minutes gives players a chance to cool down between games and strategize for the next.
  • The break gives you the chance to check your scores and go over individual scoring. See where you can improve and find out who performed best!

Why can’t my 5 or 6 year old play, he’s a tough kid?
We take your safety seriously at Megazone. While we don’t allow running in the arena for safety reasons, people do still move quickly and we will not risk any participant’s safety by getting injured. We hate to see anybody injured while enjoying our facilities and require that all Laser Tag participants are at least 6 years old and at least 1.2 meters tall.

Why do we have to give you confirmed numbers72 hours before the day?
Our multi-level Laser Tag arena has limited capacity. Confirming your numbers before the day allows us to reserve the correct number of your spaces for your group.

What if my friends don’t turn up on the day?
Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for participants that do not turn up on the day. We suggest you collect money upfront from any attendants you are unsure of.

What if extra friends turn up on the day, can they still play?
Any extra participants are subject to availability on the day. We do try our best to accommodate extra players on the day but we cannot guarantee that there will be space.

If you still have any questions or are unsure of anything above please Contact Us. Give us a ring on 09 279 0436 or